Paint Brushes


Due to the nature of our classes, attendance is imperative! If you are going to miss a session, prior notification is required. Please call if less than 24 hrs notice is being given, email for 24 hr + notification is acceptable. Do Not utilize Facebook, Instagram, YELP, Google Business, etc to notify us that you can't attend a scheduled class. 


5 and 10 Hour Classes 

These are scheduled per the availability of the teacher and student. If you "NO SHOW" for an appointment, the time scheduled is forfeited and deducted from the 5 or 10 hour student sheet.


Group Classes & Homeschool Classes

Projects, such as dragon eggs, pinch pots, etc, completed within a group class can not be made-up, as the clay is prepped specifically for each class within in a 4+ week session.


You may complete the painting of your projects within the class schedule. If your piece is not complete when a group class wraps, you may come back during regular business hours to paint independently. 

Credit Card


Deposits for any service are non-refundable. Exceptions may be made if the time reserved can be filled. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.