Birthday Parties & Events

Looking to celebrate a birthday or special event? We have a few options available!

General Information
Details, such as ceramic piece chosen for painting, pricing, etc, are determined by your individual groups needs. Please call or email us at to schedule your one-of-a-kind ceramic paint event. No party looks alike, as we custom tailor every event!

Option 1: Childs Paint Party "In Studio"

10 - 14 Painters, 2 - 4 Party Hosts

Larger parties are available with advance notice.

Price is determined by party host and starts at $15.50 per person. Most spend between $16.50 - $18.50 per person. Price includes the ceramic piece, glaze paint, paint instruction, kiln fire and we wrap each item and label with the attendees name. The party host is responsible for picking up all items and distributing to guests.


Party is 90 minutes - 2 hours. Our staff will determine party length once more information is known. Food and beverages are allowed and food is served during the last 15-20 minutes of the party. A full size fridge and freezer is available for use. Simple decor may be brought. No confetti or noise makers are allowed.


Strict capacity restrictions per COVID-19 county health mandate. Parties should be considered "Drop-Off". We can not accommodate seating for non-painters beyond the 2 - 4 party hosts.

$35 Non-refundable deposit required, it is not deducted from the total spent on party day.

Option 2: Zoom Ceramic Paint Party 

Attendees receive a package with everything they need to paint a fun ceramic piece. Birthday host is responsible for delivery of individually packaged pieces to their guests. Please note that shipping is not available, due to the nature of our product and required kiln fire.

Option 3: Field Trips & Mobile Event

We come to YOU! Details and pricing vary, please inquire!